Divine Love Music Talent Group

Music empowers, creates connection, and strengthens empathy. We work to inspire and support Kids in Nairobi slum,to use the power of music to create positive change in their communities.

In Kenya, thousands of families live in crowded Slums in Nairobi City. Children survive but don’t thrive due to many challenges they face growing up in the slums. At Divine Love Kids Foundation   we strive to help children realize their potential through Music training and Music production. Children are able to tell their stories through music, become role models for peace and transform their communities and to use the skill to make a living .



Abel Mogaka – Divine Music Talent Group
Benefiting children in the Kiberia slums of Nairobi

Abel brings guitar, singing, piano, and music lessons to his students (all free) in Nairobi, Kenya. Children are fed, and learn on donated instruments, with the goal of giving opportunities and structure to their lives.