Nutrition and Health

This is the first and most critical need of any child born into poverty and deprivation.

Without adequate nutrition there can be no growth and development – physically or mentally. Hungry children lack the energy to learn. And if they aren’t able to learn in the vital early development years (from birth to 5 years old), they remain stunted for life.

By identifying children at risk – and enrolling them in our feeding programmes promptly – Divine love kids plays a vital role in saving children from a life-long disadvantage. We monitor the child’s health .

Our feeding scheme serves as the entry point to all other  programme pathways.


Skills and Personal Development

We work with youth and adolescents to develop resilience and life skills. Through our Teenage Girls’ Clubs, adolescent girls are encouraged to make healthy choices about relationships, self discipline, responsibility and independence.

Teenage boys and girls are prepared to enter the world of work by developing skills around goal setting, communication, teamwork, initiative, responsibility and work ethic.




We strive to improve the sense of self-confidence and development of kids and all the members who are connected to Divine love kids. Every kids deserves to have their voice heard. Our aim is to empower kids in their Nairobi slum area by offering them support, encouragement, and opportunities. 


We go all out to do it well. At Divine Love Kids, we believe excellence is achieved by setting tangible benchmarks and assessing them routinely. We learn by engaging organizations from all backgrounds to drive research, awareness and synergy.


Integrity is our core for all engagements and operations. Funding and public donations require honesty, transparency, and ethical principles. We operate with clear, professional policies that respect our donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers.