Divine Love Kids

You can commit to support our our course by as little as on dollar. We always make public projects we do and provide detailed reports thereafter. Engage with us and see just how long your assistance goes.

Thank you for choosing to support our charity missions. We are touching lives because of generous people like you. There are many ways of supporting our programs. You can donate food, clothes, shoes, sanitation items, sporting equipment, books and stationeries . If you would like to partner with us, do not hesitate reach out to us.

Every bit of your donation works. We do not do charity because there’s too much to give. We do charity because we love humanity. Humanity promotes a life of hope, peace, fulfillment , abundance and prosperity.

Financial Donation Guide

Ksh 350 or $3.5  ->  Support for 1 child a day

Ksh 5500 or $55  ->  Support for 1 child,16 days or daily living needs of 14 kids

Ksh 15000 or $150 ->  Support for 1 child,33 days or daily living needs of 30 kids

More than Ksh.15000 or  $150 -> Supports multiple needs of children including school fees